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Aiuto in inglese????

Potete scrivere una e-mail immaginando di frequentare la Thamisis Language School seguendo questi punti:

What is the name of your host family?

How many children have they got?

What are their names?

Describe the children

When do you have lessons?

What are the afternoon activities?

What do you do in the evenings?

Are you enjoying your stay?Why?

Grazie a tutti quelli che risponderanno in maniera seria. Sono una frana. Lo potete fare entro le 9 di questa sera? Grazie ancora.

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    Hi Mary,

    How are you? I'm fine. Now I'm going to the thamisis language school and i'm living in WILKINSON family , they are very kind and they are 5 people in the family: Mary is the mother Peter the father rosy is the same age as me and heric that is two years older than me.

    Rosy has brown hair and big eyes she is really cute and friendly. Eric is really tall he is about 1.85 cm he likes playing football and every day he goes to football training...

    I have lessons only in the morning so in the evening I go out with rosy and her friend...

    I really enjoy staying here because they are all so kind and I'm improving a lot my English

    And what are you doing in these days? Do you miss me? I really miss you!

    Write me soon

    Kiss,(metti il tuo nome)

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