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Is it possible to upload excel contacts to Samsung Ace?

If yes, how?

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    not directly on Ace but in GMail and after syncro them on your Android,

    create an exel file with name, numbers, ecc. on yout pc

    open GMail from web with same GMail on Ace

    just down Google label logo on up on the left click it and select Contacts

    now you have on screen your adress name

    click other

    click Import

    click browse botton

    select exel file that you create with pc (it have to have xsv extension)

    click import

    now your file exel in Google, from your Ace actives data Settings/ Account and sincro/ select the same gmail on web/ click sincro adress book/ done.

    Second possibility is send by email Exel file to your Android/ adress book/ menù/ import-export/ import from SD (download folder because when you download from gmail files arrive here).

    I'm not american, I answer you from Italy but I hope you understand

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    You can get the latest version of Winrar here:

    I like Winrar because it's a very good program to compress/decompress files in many different formats. You could also use other programs like 7zip or winzip for the same purpose but I think Winrar is the best option avalable. The funcionalities are pretty much the same for each program (you basically do everything with a simple right-click of your mouse) but Winrar is by far the best option.

    The things I like about winrar is that it opens a bunch of compressed formats: .zip, .rar, .7z / 7zip, .iso, .tar, .jar etc. (much more than the other programs) and that it's 100% (trial period never expired so you can use it for free with no limitations)

    These are the reasons why I recommend Winrar.

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    If you want to download Winrar you can download it here for free

    To open compressed files (zip rar jar iso 7z cab uue gz....) you have to use WinRar. With WinRar you can easily decompress files and folders.

    Best of luck!

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    In Outlook, create a folder to receive the imports. -click contacts (to spotlight), then cl record, cl New Folder, shop on with activates. -In Excel, decide on and make contact with the form of fields to be imported. (to try this, decide on your headings and information purely, cl in “call of cellular” field, call the type, “enter.”) -cl the folder you created -cl record -cl Import/Export -cl from yet another application or record -cl subsequently, cl Excel -cl Browse, bypass to the record from which you desire to import (call finished direction) - provide up - you will see a communique field advising you it is going to import the type you named -- the subsequent step is considerable. -cl Map custom Fields - you will see your fields on the left, Outlook’s on the ideal. -cl the + signs and indications on Outlook's factor to show further fields -cl and drag your fields from the left, to the matching named field on the ideal. as an occasion, in case you have a heading observed as Fname, and Outlook has a heading observed as Firstname, you may drag Fname and drop it on Firstname, etc. -cl o.ok. -The information will examine in.

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