Who can help me with "Past Simple"?


I'm Sebastiano and I'm italian boy...

You could change the tenses of this song in the past simple ??

Thank you, 10 points for the answer =)

On Christmas Eve, the stahlbaum family is having a grand party. Everyone is there, celebrating around a beautiful Christmas tree. Clara' s godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer, gives present to the children. He gives a mouse doll to Clara' s brother Fritz. To Clara he gives a beautiful wooden nutcracker doll. Fritz is jealous. He chases Clara and snatches the nutcracker. As he does, it breaks. Clara is upset, but Herr Drosselmeyer fixes the doll. Clara puts it safely under the tree. Then the children go off to bed. In the night, Clara gets up to get her nutcracker. She falls asleep under the tree. As the clock strikes midnight, the Christmas tree begins to grow. Herr nutcracker doll grows, too! Mice march into the room, led by the mouse King. The mouse king tries to kidnap Clara! But Clara' s nutcracker, leading the toy soldiers, battles the mice. They fight bravely, but the nutcracker is struck down. Quickly, Clara throws her slipper at the Mouse King and defeats him. Clara gives her nutcracker a kiss, and he becomes a handsome Nutcracker Prince! He takes her to a magical fairytale kingdom. To get there, they go through the Enchanted Forest. In the Land of Snow, they see beautiful dancing snowflakes. The they go to the palace of the Sugar Plum Fair and the land of the Sweets, where they are entertained by many beautiful dancers. The sugar plum fair does a final dance. And then Clara must go back. She wakes up under the Christmas tree, with her nutcracker doll, and wonderful, magical memories.

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    This is OK as it is. A narrative like this sounds OK in present tense.

    Why would you want to change it into past simple? Is it a homework question?

    If so, I think you should try and do it for yourself.

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