What is "Shachath" piano theme music in American Horror Story "Asylum"?

As title: I'd like to know title and composer of the piano theme of the character "Shachath" the Angel of Death in American Horror Story "Asylum" (S02). The character is the one played by Frances Conroy and makes her first appearance in episode seven "Dark cousin".

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@My: even if it can sound similar in certain points, "Helen's theme" is deeply different from "Shachath's theme"... thank you for the effort but that's not it... :(

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    this has been driving me crazy as well, finally found it tonight!!!!

    the song is "helen's theme" from the movie candyman and was written by phillip glass.

    here's a link for you, and may we both escape this asylum!

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    I myself haven't found the sheet music yet but I agree it isn't Helen's theme. Although that piece is played throughout season two it is not in the angel of death scene.The best I have found is a cover of the piano music and I have done the best I can to copy. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9OvKUBgSjA

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    It's as much as I could find myself. At least you get to listen to it.

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