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Mi potreste fare un riassunto breve in inglese cercando di utilizzare un linguaggio semplice?? 10 punti!!?

Mi servirebbe un riassunto di questo brano pleasee..10 punti al migliore :)

The accessories you plug into your computer are usually called peripherals. The name is a carryover from the early beginnings of computers when the parts of a computer that did not actually compute were located some distance from the central processing unit, on the periphery.

Input Devices

You can communicate with your PC telling it what to do using two primary input devices, the key-board and the mouse. The key-board remains the most efficient way to enter texts into applications, faster than even the most advanced voice recognition systems that let you talk to you PC. The mouse more correctly termed a pointing device, relays graphic istructions to your computer. If you want to sketch images directly onto your monitor screen, a digitizing tablet works more as you would work with a pen. To trasfer images to you pc, a scanner can be used to convert graphics into bit-images. With the right software, it can become an optical character recognition, or OCR system, that reads text and transforms words into electronic form. A voice recognition, or voice input system, uses a microphone to turn the sound waves of your voice into electrical signals, a processing board that makes those signals digital, and sophisticated software that attempts to discern the individual words you've spoken from the digital signal.

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    Anche io facevo inglese tecnico a suo tempo.

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