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Potete darmi una mano a fare questo testo in inglese?

"Describe your tipical holiday day" usando gli avverbi di frequenza come "sometimes","never"....

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  • 6 anni fa
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    In my holidays I usually wake up at 9:00 o'clock. I usually have breakfast with my parents. After breakfast sometimes I go out with my friends, I usually go to the park , I play football with my friends / I ride the bike with my friends, we usually have some races between us. I return at home at 1:00 o'clock and I have bath then I have lunch. In the evening rarely I go out with my friends or family... We usually go to cinema or we do shopping etc.. I usually have dinner at 9:30 when my father comes back from his work. After dinner I watch the tv with my paretns and with my lilttle brother/sister then begore going to sleep I read some books or I listen to music or I surf the net. Then at 12:00 o clock I go to sleep. And so on...

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  • Anonimo
    6 anni fa

    During my holidays I always play with my friends and always study but I never get up early.I sometimes go to the cinema but I never go to my uncle's holidays are rarely boring.

    Spero di esserti stata di aiuto :)

    Fonte/i: Il mio cervello ;)
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