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Frasi con present simple e continues?

Ho bisogno di 10 frasi con il present simple da trasformare poi in negative e interrogative e lo stesso per il present continuos 10 frasi affermative da fare poi in negative e interrogative

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  • 6 anni fa
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    1) my mum always sleeps until 10 am.

    2) i usually go to school by car.

    3) i go to the cinema every sunday evening

    4) on christmas my little sister usually writes a letter to Santa

    5) everyday ther's my favourite tv show at 3 pm

    6) i come back home from school by train except on monday

    7) i always brush my feet after eating something

    8) my neighbour has dark wavy hair

    9) my favourite school subject is french

    10) she goes abroad on holiday every summer

    1) this evening i'm having chicken for dinner.

    2) i'm watching an interesting movie right now.

    3) the apple pie is baking in the oven.

    4) my sister is waering a wonderful ring.

    5) he is crying becauser he fell on a rock.

    6) she's drinking some tea in the living room.

    7) she's calling her husband because she wants to talk with him.

    8) the dog is biting my dad.

    9) our plan isn't working.

    10) the little red-haired girl is waiting for the doctor.

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