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How to make this type of eggs?


So I was wondering if anybody got any recipe on how to make eggs like the ones shown in this video (

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&list=UUnwpbGuie-z1Mw8himmJ3yw) at 7:17. I only ate boiled and scrambled eggs in my life so I don't really know what they're called or how they're made but they do look yummy. So does anybody have a recipe?


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    its just fried eggs. break an egg into a greased semi-hot pan and cover it with a lid. after a couple minutes the white will be cooked and the yolk will still be soft and there will be that white film type stuff over the yolk like in the video.

    if you don't want the white over the yolks then just don't cover the egg with a lid. this turns it into a sunny side up egg.

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    Easy! What you need is a frying pan and shallow oil. Like an eight of an inch high. When the oil is hot crack an egg in, until the clear white turns fully white. If you don't like your yolk runny continue to cook it till you have hard egg yolks :)

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    They're called fried eggs. He's made the standard basic "English breakfast".

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    It looks like after he has broken the egg in the pan he has swirled it around so there is so much white, but they aren't scrambled


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    You should eat eggs from chickens

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