Should I drop out of a Master degree or keep going?

I'm on a MA (1 year) but I'm not really happy with it and my grades are not that good either (I did fine in my bachelors). There are some personal issues that are affecting my mood all the time and at the same time I feel a lot of pressure (I'm about to turn 25) and I really want to get out there and find a job. I feel like having a MA could turn out to be and advantage some day but on the other hand I don't think the subject I'm studying is that relevant, perhaps useless. The thought of having to write another dissertation now makes me feel depressed. I've been thinking about dropping out recently... is it better to drop out or graduate anyways but with low grades? Will a bad degree affect my career more than non completing it? Thanks for the advice.

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    Keep going if possible. Grades don't matter much in the real world; just the letters after your name. Plus you have to explain "gaps" in your resume so the dropped course will come up time and again.

    After I graduated from law school I didn't have a job, so I started an LL.M. (Master of Laws) course. I dropped out towards the end of the degree program because I had a great job offer in another city. While I don't have any regrets (the job set up my entire career to date, more than 20 years later) I did have to explain the gap in my resume, and then why I didn't complete the LL.M. degree, at every interview since. And your reason for dropping out won't sound nearly as compelling as mine.

    But what you'll never do is discuss your grades while applying for a job. With very few exceptions (mostly military), employers don't ask for your transcript as part of the application process; they only use them to confirm your degree once they've made a job offer. As long as you've received your degree as stated, they can't revoke your offer because they don't like your grades. And many don't even request a transcript anymore, since there are verification services available online which are easier on everybody.

    So basically, as long as your grades are good enough to graduate, the only way poor grades will affect you is that you won''t be able to write "*** laude" after your degree on your resume.

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    A masters degree will be an asset in your career.

    More importantly, sticking with it and seeing it through will be great for your self esteem, not just for now but for the rest of your life.

    Dropping out will always count against you when trying to find the right job and you will always see yourself as something of a failure so you won't project the confidence you need to get on in life.

    Don't worry about your bad choice of subject. It's too late for that. You made a decision so, for the investment of just a few more months of serious effort, you can turn this course into an asset for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if the subject is irrelevant. You would be the holder of a masters degree. That is very marketable.

    At this level, excuses don't count. You made a choice so you will see it through. No one need ever know what a struggle it was. All they will see is a winner.

    Nothing worthwhile is easy. I reckon you are worth the effort.

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