Does anyone can help me clarifying me some salary information?

I received an offer for a new job in UK

I don t live in London

They summarized me a pay prospect as follows

fixed pay 47000

home 42000

allowance 5000

variable 3000

total gross 50000

what is the allowance?

if I take home 42000 this is my gross taxable salary, ins t it?

Thank u very much!

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    This isn't a spam but I don't know if it is an incorrect proposal.

    Anyone can explain me what the allowance is used for. Is it normal to charge it in a gross salary?

  • Tavy
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    This does not make sense and I think you are being Scammed. No such thing as fixed pay, this would be listed as Gross pay, the rest of the figures are nonsense. They cannot quote what you will receive after tax as they don't know your tax allowance. This CANNOT be a British Employer, so tell us what it is, and we will see if it's genuine.


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    No - scam - if you gave given out any bank details tell your bank. Assume their e-mail had a virus and your computer has been hijacked.

    No employer is permitted (by law) to quote a "take home". Scam all the way.

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    No allowances are counted in to some extent

    First 10,600 tax free, then approx £29,000 at 20%, anything above that 40%

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  • tro
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    your fixed pay is $47K which is combined, the $42K and $5K allowance

    what the variable allowance is need defining but it is possible your total taxable could bd $50K

    I don't see anything about you sending any money so if this appears to be a scam I would do some research on the company offering the job

  • Clive
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    This doesn't make any sense. All I can say is that what you take home is AFTER tax, so it cannot be the gross salary.

  • Frank
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    You are being scammed, the figures do not make any sense. You are in contact with criminals, do not send money or personal information.

  • Anonimo
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    You will need to ask them what "allowance" means.

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