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Julian ha chiesto in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 4 anni fa

So who exactly is not declassifying the info on Russian hacking?

I keep seeing liberals push the fake news that Russia hacked the election or something, and this information needs to be "declassified" by who? Obama is still the president btw.

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    There is no evidence of this. Read the articles: "unnamed sources," "circumstantial evidence." This is Iraq WMDs all over agin. The National Security State is disturbed that Trump is not towing the line with the continuation of the adversarial relationship with Russia as boogieman. Billions of future Defense Contract dollars are at stake, not to mention Corporate interests would prefer a puppet like Yeltsin rather than a nationalist like Putin.

  • martin
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    There may have been amateur hackers in Russia who wanted to fool around with America, but it wasn't official or Putin's idea. That's too cheap for the national government of Russia to involve itself. They don't care that much who's president in America.

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    Wow. They were right. I just heard that the biggest problem with fake news is not the idiots believing fake news, but that soon because of it, the idiots would start disbelieving real news. Amazing.

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