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Do you feel dumb making fun of Trump's Sweden comment, and now Sweden is experience diverse riots from Muslims refugees?

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    So you are saying that Trump's comments invoked riots in Sweden.

    Is Donnie taking the blame or the credit?

  • Libshits have no sense of shame, it allows them to say and do stupid stuff over and over again without learning from their mistakes.

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    He said "last night" which would have been Friday, February 17th. Nothing of the kind happened then. His explanation just proved the man is an imbecile who can't separate what he sees on TV commentaries from factual events and/or can't properly express his thoughts.

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    I don't feel dumb at all about the riots that are now not happening, especially from an idiot like you.

    But, say, prove that Sweden 'is experience' (whatever the f*ck that means) diverse riots from refugees.

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    So if anything bad ever happens in Sweden ever again, that makes Trump right?

    No, I don't feel stupid.

    You should, but won't.

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    FYI - Trump never said a damn thing about a terror attack in Sweden. It was the FAKE NEWS that took what Trump said and said he claimed there was a terrorist attack.

    Go watch the speech. Not a mention of terrorist attack.

  • Anonimo
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    I am more concerned about Muslims who rape in America. End The Fake Muslim Refugee Scam


  • laslo
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    And now, everyone, the ACTUAL FACTS.

    This was spurred by drug arrests in same neighborhood as similar violence in 2010 and 2013 during police crackdowns. . Not an act of terrorism, unless now the new Alternate Facts makes every street disturbance in America an act of terrorism---rendering the word "terrorism" meaningless.

    Nonetheless, Trump cited an act of terror, which never took place, nor is this incident a "terrorist attack".

    If you want to live in Trump's paranoia and lies, be my guest, but don't expect us to participate in this circus.

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    No, I feel sorry for people who believe the fear mongering on Fox News and from Alex Jones.

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    Hey I always feel dumb ;P but I never made fun of those comments!

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