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Are liberals crazy?

Proven by the fact they say Trump is "not their president" but then also say Steve Bannon is their president? So, they think President Bannon is their real president, just not Trump?

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    You have to pay attention more. Bannon is below the pecking order from Trump. We libs dislike the ultra right like Bannon even more than Trump who is mile by comparison.

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    Are you asking, because it looks like you are answering your own question.

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    acutally I don't mind at all not calling Trump as president, I never called Obama, the President either, in fact he was referred to as the Kenyan

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    What liberals? name the person who says this or just ask them what they mean?

    I've heard a liberal woman, a teacher, say Not my president. and she simply means they just don't support trump and feel that trump does not represent their interests. She acknowledges that he holds the office of president, but feels like he's more the president of right wing crazies than regular americans. I agree with her.

    I've heard another liberal, a business owner, say not my president and he means that he will try to resist trump and won't treat him with the respect that the office deserves, because he has not treated americans with respect. He does not believe that hillary is president or anything like that, he simply refuses to say the phrase "president Trump". I disagree with him. I will say "president Trump"

    I've heard another liberal, someone who answers the phones at a call center say that they think that Steve Bannon is making a lot of decisions that should be made by others. She jokingly says that Bannon is Really president. That's humor. She knows that Trump is president, she is just joking that Bannon seems to be making a lot of the important decisions.

    I'm tired of this intellectually weak tactic of conservatives to make general accusations about "liberals" with no source. There are hundreds of millions of liberals int he USA. Pretending they are all the same person gets you nowhere.

    Go to school and learn how to make a credible logical argument.

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    No, they just understand figurative language wherein not everything is literal. Have you not gotten to high school English yet?

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    In an asylum run by the patients, the doctors are insane.

  • Another trumptard "alternative fact." What makes no sense is everything that has come out of the insane orange clown's mouth (and Twitter feed) for the past 2 years.

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    They live in their own world, not reality.

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    Liberals are indeed an interesting species.

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