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if love trumps hate, do you love Trump and not hate him? That seems to be your philosophy? Or do you selectively hate some people?

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  • I think the history of the world has proved hate trumps love in almost every scenario. Take the religious for example, the Judeo-Christian God tells all of His followers, all of them, Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, to love thy neighbor, love thy enemy, judgment is solely the dominion of God and the faithful's job is to spread the love of God to the unfaithful. This is the singular founding principle of all Judeo-Christian faiths. This is what bears out a real community of believers among all of them, but...

    Who on this planet are more hateful towards all than overzealous religious fundamentalists of the Judeo-Christian ethic? How can they justify this? Because God failed. Job understood this. Read the Book of Job. So did Paul. Read Romans.

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    TrumpTreason is a filthy, lying bag of republican dog sh*t....... that's why "conservatives" LOVE the guy. He releases their stupidity and anger.

    TrumpTreason - the worst mistake this country ever made........ might be the last mistake this country ever makes since he now has the launch codes.

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