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What coin is this?

It s 2cm in diameter. On one side is the coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian empire, on the other it has what looks like roses and grain around the side, with a crown at the top. Below the crown it has the number 15 , and below that it says K0IIŁEKL . Below that is a small dividing line and below that the date, 1861. Finally, just below the date is what looks like c.m.e.

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    That's the Russian coat of arms, not Austria-Hungary. (Understandable confusion: they both have double-headed eagles.) It's a 15 kopeck coin. The 3 letters at the bottom that look like "cme" are actually the Russian letters for "SPB", the mint mark for St. Petersburg.

    The numismatic site I looked at says it's worth between 10 and 70 dollars depending on condition.

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    Can you send a picture?

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