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Importante!!! Per domani di inglese mi servono da inventare 10 domande affermative e 10 negative al passato!!!?

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    1 Luke was with his friends yesterday

    2 we really liked that film

    3 I studied for my Maths test last weekend

    4 the car stopped at the traffic lights

    5 when you were a child, you preferred cats to dogs

    6 Lucy visited her grandparents yesterday

    7 the boy ran away

    8 Jo hurt her leg

    9 Megan bought a new scarf at the shopping mall

    10 last night we ate pizza


    1 they weren't with us last morning

    2 they didn't stay in a B&B in London

    3 I didn't find a purse in the street

    4 Al didn't give me his phone number

    5 we didn't meet at the cinema

    6 Lauren didn't tidy her room yesterday

    7 we didn't sleep much because we stayed up very late

    8 Those boys didn't ride BMX bikes

    9 David didn't have fun at the seaside

    10 they didn't stay on a campsite

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    google translate ;)

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