My Guardian Demon?

What do you think about this Demon?

My Guardian Demon is the Gothic Demon Ipos, known in Egypt as God Anubis.

"All the Gods of the Gentiles (Pagans) are Demons"

- Catholic encyclopedia

Anubis was an extremely beloved God respected by all the Egyptian people. Anubis is a guide for the souls of the dead and assists their problems, he can be summoned to protect anyone who has recently died. He is represented in the form of a canid because this type of animal is sacred to him. Anubis is about three meters tall, he is a giant, and he has straight blond hair. He helps those who evoke him to be charismatic and bold, he helps to make friends and keep those that already exist. He knows everything about the past and can predict the future. Anubis is a Count / President and governs 36 legions of spirits and is a Day Demon.

What do you think about this Demon? I love him.

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  • Anonimo
    2 anni fa

    Your Guardian demon is also known as technos! From which we derive our word technology. Many people worship Him even most Christians worship Him! He is indeed a very powerful demon. He has 99% of this world as his slave and most people don't even know it.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 anni fa

    The demons have many names, so pick what you like best! Anubis is a daemon as all his other brothers, remember that the head of the demons is Satan, the king of the flies!!

    The demons are beautiful, remember that were former angels of God fallen! They are transformed as they want, because they are perfect mutants!

    True! The demons sometimes help people who invokes them, but are limited?

    Because God is the' the Almighty, above any of!!

    True! The demons know the future and the past of all those men, can predict true things that happen, but also add the false!

    Thou lovest Satan, and your place will be ensured toward'hell, where weep no and soffrirai forever, together with him!

    I love and adore God! Because he is the Creator, and will lead me into his kingdom where c'is eternal life, the gioa,'fraternal love with the brothers and the angels, for'eternity!

    Here is where lies the difference, everyone has his god!!

  • cosmo
    Lv 7
    2 anni fa any god made up in any non-Catholic religion ACTUALLY EXISTS as a Christian demon?

    So if I make up a religion, I can bring demons into existence? Scientologists have brought Xenu into existence by believing in him?

  • Anonimo
    2 anni fa

    it's more likely a Minor Demon (one of Legion) posing as a power and important Demon to trick you. Beware. making pacts with The Devil always carries hidden costs such as sickness or the deaths of loved ones.

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  • Anonimo
    2 anni fa

    No point my even thinking about the demon because I think you're full of shít.

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