mi potreste fare delle domande in inglese con questi parole GRAZIE to extract-to leak-to hug-strategy-to be knocked out of-firearms-siege?

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    The dentist extracted my bad tooth.

    The boat was leaking badly and sank in a while.

    Mary hugged John with joy.

    Market strategies are meant to make people buy products.

    The policeman knock the gun out of the burglar's hand.

    In Italy you mustn't keep firearms unless you get a license.

    During the sixteenth century the Turkish army laid siege to Vienna

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    Is this a good stategy?

    Consumerism reachs a height. Entertainment soars and morals slid to new lows. All of these factors cover the inflation happening in prices. Worker’s salaries increase but not match the rate of the price increases. Income taxes are lowest for those who were the wealthiest, how do you think ?

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