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‬testo vacanze estive..... in inglese!! urgente!?

Per domani devo fare per inglese a scuola su ciò che hai fatto durante l'estate. io a causa di un imprevisto delll'ultimo momento non starò a casa, infatti volevo farlo oggi.

cose come uscire con gli amici la sera giocare e andare in spiaggia... vi prego!

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    Te la passo ma studia cazzxo!

    My last holiday was a long weekend away from the city and in proper snow. I say “proper” snow, because it was really the first time I’d ever been in “proper” snow. Maybe it was the light, or maybe it was the company - but the few other trips I had to “the snow” had left pale grey memories and bad tastes in my mouth. Mostly I remember snow being dirty and slushy - this new experience with snow left crisp, white, cold, deliberate snow in my memory.

    I loved it!

    We drove the 5 hour drive from Melbourne to Mt Hotham after work on a Thursday night. Most of the journey was long, the last bit up the mountain was treacherous. The road was dark and winding, with slick ice patches that made the going slow at best. But we got to our warm hotel in the end thanks to our intrepid driver - and to celebrate, we hunkered down in front of the fire with good cheer and a bottle of vodka, and dug in for the night.

    There’s nothing quite like starting a holiday with a massive hangover. Fortunately, when I awoke the next morning, I was still intoxicated so I delayed my hangover until later in the afternoon, to coincide with ill fitting boots and a short temper. But it all turned out in the end, and the people who took my skiing lessons just laughed when I requested they leave me to “die in the snow”.

    Great friends, good food, warm feet make for a wonderful weekend away and by the time we were driving home on Sunday afternoon, we were all exhausted and happy that we’d managed to get away from our normal routines.

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