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Sony a6000L photos taken in RAW quality are too small?

If I shoot in jpeg quality the photos are 6000 x 4000 at 24MP, while if I set RAW it takes 1616x1080 1.75 MP (the format I put for both modes is 3:2 not 16:9) When the quality is set RAW, instead, the camera doesn't makes me choose "Image size" which remains gray and if I press it explicitly tells me that this option is not available for this quality ... Is there a reason for this ???

The Sony's Help guide (Google : Image Size (still image) - Help Guide )

says that When [Quality] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG], the image size for RAW images corresponds to [L]. So it should be at least 24M

6000×4000 pixels or 20M

6000×3376 pixels for AR 16:9 but they don't!

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