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Qualcuno che mío può aiutare?

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  • Anonimo
    1 mese fa

    1) Did these portraits painted by your wife?

    2) Jasper isn't invited ( by people) very often to parties

    3) That graffiti wasn't written by us

    4) The Winners will not chosen ( by judges)until Saturday

    5)Had The murderer been caught yet ( by them)?

    6) They must be  stopped (by someone)

  • 1 mese fa

    Esercizio 4.

    1. be 2. being 3. been, have 4. had 5. was 6. have, been 7. was, were 8. be 9. are

    Esercizio 5

    1) Were these portraits paint by your wife?

    2) Jasper is not invited to the parties very often

    3) That graffiti was not written

    4) The winners will be not chosen until Saturday

    5) Has the murderer been caught yet?

    6) Something has to be done to stop them



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