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Scrivere una frase con i rispettivi aggettivi una con il comparativo e l altra con il superlativo: happy, satisfied, bad, kind?

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    I was happier than my sister when I received a dog for my birthday, she received a cat, and she doesn't like cats.

     They are the happiest persons in the world today, they are in holiday at last !

    Are you more satisfied with your new job, or with the old one ?

    I'm very satisfied with the new one, because I get more money.

    I'm the most satisfied in the world because yesterday I left my job-

    You are worse than me, I passed my examination and you didn't

    The worst thing you can do now is to cry.

    Don't pretend to be kinder than your sister, you two are horrible persons.

    The kindest man I ever met is called Barak Obama.

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