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Last month I went to Phoenix in Arizona. My parents paid two airline tickets: one for me and the other for my mum. So I took the plain with my mum on twentythree of December at half past three.

We routed 9.325 km in 11 hours and 35 minutes. 

Phoenix is the centre most big and popular in Arizona. It’s full of museum. There are also big greens areas. The citizens have also one big airport, the Sky Harbor International Airport. This city was inhabited from Hohokam’s tribe and in this place was built the first irrigation system.

The name of the city is Phoenix. It drifted in latin and means fabulous bird, where the ancients of the city believed the only animal coulded had borned again from ashes.

While I was staying in Phoenix, I didn’t see so much, because for me the museums are bored, but I was going to a city near for saw the antelope canyon. There are beautiful.

The weather was so much sunny and I love when the weather is good for my travel.

I’d like the people, when they are very kind and disponibility and this is the characteristic that I like the people there.

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    Why would desire to people whinge with regard to the warmth? It happens each twelve months, we live interior the dessert. Deserts are actually not chilly interior the summertime. they're dry and warm, hence that's a wasteland. Arizona whilst broken down is "Arid Zone" wasteland. circulate to Flagstaff in case you do no longer basically like the warmth. i like it and function for 21 years now, however...

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