Short cut circuit CMOS? ?

Asus z270f motherboard , i7 7700K, Samsung Ssd 850Evo 250GB, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM 2133MHZ. Ok, so I had overclocked my PC's processor recently, and unfortunately i went too far by changing values from 4.2 GHZ to 4.8. The PC would usually freeze during windows loading screen after the overclock, until it started asking me whether if I wanted to process with the SATA/RAID operation I unconsciously did without knowing what it was about neither remembering how it actually was. Since then, not only is windows 10 not loading at all, the PC would just enter the Bios instead, without me having to press any button or things like that. I tried fixing this by resetting the CMOS battery, so I took off the jumper and decided to reinsert it again after 5 minutes. After that, I had rebuilt my PC completely and had turned it on again. Everything looked liked it was working fine but no, the PC would straight up boot into the bios, as if the OS wasn't even there on the first place. Yes, I had turned on the CSM, yes, I had turned on fastboot, I had changed values back to normal and yes, I had turned on ACHI mode. After all of this, I had been searching my manual looking up for a solution, and after all of this, I found out that I had done it wrong all along. I didn't need to remove the jumper, I needed to "shortcut circuit" instead. Now, can someone what the **** do I have to do? How do you even shortcut a 2-pin little object I can't even touch? 


As a side note, a little blinking white line also appears while entering the bios on the start up screen. 

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*with a sata/raid operation

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    You over loaded, the speed option, enter the bios, then set the speed to a lower level. Just remember, too high a speed can damage the CPU.

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    Taking out the CMOS battery only works if you have disconnected the power to the system

    The CLRTC, (Clear CMOS, Clear Real Time Clock) jumpers are located in the right, bottom corner of the motherboard, just above the Panel and Case speaker connectors. You can bridge these jumpers with a key or a flathead screwdriver. Check the manual

    When you originally installed the OS, did you enable CSM or leave it disabled?

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    You already reset the CMOS when you took out the battery. The 2 pins for resetting the CMOS is shorted when the jumper is inserted to both pins at the same time. It is off if inserted only to one pin. The default is off (in one pin only, do it now). That may be the reason why you always go to BIOS at boot time.

    Since you already reset the CMOS, all settings should be at their default values, including that one concerning RAID. Don't tinker with anything yet. Just try to boot to see if it already works.

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