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Hard drive slowing down my PS3?

Some week ago, I brought a 500GB hard drive for the PS3. I had inserted the hard drive into the system just fine, but when I turned the system on, it seemed relatively slower than usual especially on startups, downloading and opening apps. One day I accidentally removed the PSU cable, and since then, the PS3 would always freeze at the startup, no matter how many times I would reboot it. I sold the driver back to gamestop and had brought a new one. Unfortunately, I had inserted the hard drive again, but the system will still result relatively slower than when using a 45 or 60GB hard drive. Not to mention, while it may not really that noticeable, a sound is indeed coming up from both hard drives. It's not loud or anything else, but it would usually appear before or while downloading an application, something that wouldn't happen with other hard drivers. What should i do to stop this from happening? Both the drivers are P3 ACs western digital 500GB hard disks. 


The noise only lasts a few seconds. It may vary, but I'm not sure about that. 

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    Sure, wait a moment...

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