Quale sono i vostri metal/hard rock albums preferiti in 1996?

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  • 8 mesi fa
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    Neurosis - Through Silver in Blood

    Burzum - Filosofem

    Sepultura - Roots

    Godflesh - Songs of Love and Hate

    Prong - Rude Awakening

    Tool - Ænima

    Cryptopsy - None So Vile

    Opeth - Morningrise

  • 9 mesi fa

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    load METALLICA  

    the great southern trendkill PANTERA  

    roots SEPULTURA  

    overnight sensation MOTORHEAD  

    antichrist superstar MARYLIN MANSON  

    time of the oath HELLOWEEN  

    dark saga ICED EARTH  

    undisputed attitude SLAYER  

    jester race IN FLAMES  

    morningrise OPETH  

    into the unknown MERCYFUL FATE  

    angry machines DIO  

    dusk and embrace CRADLE OF FILTH  

    the graveyard KING DIAMOND  

    refresh the demon ANNIHILATOR  

    louder than hell MANOWAR  

    predator ACCEPT  

    killing kind OVERKILL  

    skunkworks BRUCE DICKINSON  

    episode STRATOVARIUS  

    supernatural birth CATHEDRAL  

    heal SACRED REICH  


    blood on ice BATHORY  

    black earth ARCH ENEMY  


    abducted HYPOCRISY  

    belly to belly WARRANT  

    slang DEF LEPPARD  

    tune of war GRAVE DIGGER  

    stormblast DIMMU BORGIR  

    nemesis divina SATYRICON  

    grom BEHEMOTH  

    heaven shall burn MARDUK  

    filosofem MARDUK  

    toatal death DARKTHRONE  

    europe et haines TRUST  

    inspiration YNGWIE MALMSTEEN  

    life is peachy KORN  

    irrationnal anthems SKYCLAD  

    vempire CRADLE OF FILTH  

    aenima TOOL  

    down on the upside SOUNDGARDEN  

    evil empire RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE  

    pure instinct SCORPIONS  

    purpendicular DEEP PURPLE  

    as jerusalem burns MELECHESH  

    swansong CARCASS  

    october rust TYPE O NEGATIVE  

    politics of ecstasy NEVERMORE  

    filth pig MINISTRY  

    test from echo RUSH  

    no diatribes NAPALM DEATH  

    irreligious MOONSPELL 

    beat the bastards EXPLOITED 

    play Metallica by 4 cellos APOCALYPTICA 

    sorrow throughout the nine worlds AMON AMARTH 

    Danzig V DANZIG 

    brave murder day KATATONIA 

    soule Survivor GOREFEST 

    like gods of the sun MY DYING BRIDE 

    through silver in blood NEUROSIS 

    born of the flickering OLD MAN'S CHILD 

    pigwalk STUCK MOJO 

    october rust TYPE O NEGATIVE 

    fire garden STEVE VAI 

    future of the past VADER 

    belly to belly WARRANT 

    borknagar BORKNAGAR 

    wushkind OOMPH

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