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Should I trust my girlfriend or not? ?

Before getting into a relationship, my girlfriend randomly lost her virginity to a guy she barely knows, she did this during her travel. She wanted to just avoid getting attached to her first someone knowing she had to come to her country. Now, however she regrets it and claims that she never knew that this was important and should be done with the right person. She deeply regrets it, claiming that it's the only regret she has and now for her it's like her first time. She even said that the second reason she did it is because she feared I might avoid her if I found out she was a virgin. So yeah, she claims she lost her virginity for me. We were friends for more than a year, now she loves me more than ever, and I also happen to be her first love too, she's 21. The thing that bugs me the most is not trusting her, knowing she had given her virginity to someone she barely knows. It really irritates me to not trust her. She's done almost everything for me, but trusting her has been very hard. During our friendship she also claimed the she went to a strangers place to have sex than she ran away. I'm stuck in limbo of trust. Could she be trusted or not.

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  • saNDro
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    2 mesi fa

    First off, i'd like you to handle this situation very carefully because this area that you're setting your foot on is really sensitive. Why? Because it involves, for the lack of a better term, "trusting each other." And a fair warning, things like these can make relationships end.

    It's perfectly normal for you, the guy, to suspect because you care for her. You care to the point that you get kind of uneasy not knowing where she's going while she's wearing an outfit that's seductive, thinking that others might "hit" on her. Or atleast that's how I feel like it is.

    What i'd recommend is that you continue to care for her, but not to the point where you'd die for her. Make it easy for you to move on if she ever does go astray. And in the mean time, wait and see if she acts different towards you, like say not giving much attention as before, or starts acting violent towards you. Only then is where I think it's safe to say that it's not worth it for you to trust her and that you should move on.

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  • Anonimo
    2 mesi fa

    solo tu puoi saperlo. di sicuro è una ragazza problematica.

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