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Anonimo ha chiesto in Società e cultureLingue · 2 mesi fa

Qualcuno mi aiuta in inglese? 10p al migliore?

Complete the sentences with Past Perfect or Simple past of the verbs in brackets

1) We (already/organize)____________________everything when they (decide)_______________to cancel the meeting

2) I (try)______________to phone him yesterday, but he(change)_______________his phone number two months before

3) When the policeman (arrest)_______________the burglar he (realize)_________________he (be)

______________the same man he (arrest)____________________a month before

4) I (offer)______________him my help, but he (already/solve)________________________the problem

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  • 2 mesi fa

    1) had already organized; decided

    2) tried; had changed

    3)arrested; realized; was; had arrested

    4)offered; had already solved

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