cloudfire support engeneer?

Hello,i need help with this questions, 10 points for better peoples.

Instructions for each question:

● Assume you have access to the customer’s DNS and Cloudflare settings

● Type your response as if you are responding over email directly to the customer

● Include your thought process behind each response

● List any tools you would use and why

Test Questions

1. Subject: TTFB higher with CloudFlare on for my site

I noticed that turning on CloudFlare results in a higher TTFB measure for my site. Why is my site slower with CloudFlare enabled?

2. Subject: CSS issue with HTTPS

After enabling CloudFlare SSL from my account, my site’s formatting and CSS is either missing or broken. What is causing this?

3. Subject:Upload content to CloudFlare

How do I go about uploading my content to CloudFlare now that I'm hosting my content with your service?

4. Subject: CloudFlare IPs

I started using CloudFlare about a week ago, and now I noticed in my AWStats all of my web traffic is showing that it's coming from CloudFlare's IPs? What gives?

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