cloudfire support engeneer?

Please someone could kindly help me?

10 points for better people.

5. Subject: Site down, your name servers are down

I am having trouble reaching my website from different networks. Are your nameservers working properly?

6. Subject: Why is my site coming from California?!

My website is hosted in London, but looking at your IPs it shows that you are serving my website from California. Can that be right? Why is that? I thought you were supposed to serve my website from some place close to me?

7. Subject: Forbidden error

My website is showing a 403 forbidden error. Please fix this.

8. Subject: CloudFlare Nameservers

How are CloudFlare's nameservers different than the DNS provided by Google DNS or OpenDNS? Can I delegate to CloudFlare nameservers while still using my host’s DNS?

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    Perché non scrivi come mangi?

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