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Ciao, potreste aiutarmi con questo esercizio?

READ sentences 1-10, then match the examples to the rules A-J below.

1. The brain is often described as being ‘like a muscle’.

2. To build up your muscles, you can’t avoid flexing your muscles.

3. This research might give you the impetus to get more active.

4. Besides improving memories, exercise can help you focus.

5. Walking or cycling during, but not before learning, helped new foreign language vocabulary stick.

6. The children became more adept at ignoring distractions.

7. You may not have to get out of breath to achieve the attention-improving effects of exercise.

8. Wondering about what form of exercise to do.

9. Don’t forget to exercise while you revise.

10. It can also help you choose the best ways to prepare physically for mental challenges such as exams.


A. follow a preposition;

B. follow certain verbs;

C. can be the subject of a sentence;

D. can be used as an object;

E. can serve as an object after a preposition.


F. mean ‘in order to’;

G. follow the superlative + a noun;

H. follow certain nouns or verbs;

I. can be used as adjectives modifying a noun;

J. Which sentence/s show/s an infinitive without ‘to’?


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