Quale sono i vostri metal/hard rock albums preferiti in 2012?

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    4 sett fa

    you have already asked this question too many times. it is being reported. 

  • 1 mese fa

    Envio un elenco dove potete scegliere

    dark roots of earth TESTAMENT

     clockwork angels RUSH

     apocalyptic love SLASH

     a different kind of truth VAN HALEN

     stalingrad ACCEPT

     music fromanother dimensions AEROSMITH

     monster KISS

     resolution LAMB OF GOD

     electric age OVERKILL

     phantom antichrist KREATOR

     torture CANNIBAL CORPSE

     king animal SOUNDGARDEN

     l'enfant sauvage GOJIRA

     koi no yokan DEFTONES

     the industrialist FEAR FACTORY

     house of gold and bones STONE SOUR

     the power within DRAGONFORCE

     awakened AS I LAY DYING

     living things LINKIN PARK

     manala KORPIKLAANI

     koloss MESSHUGAH

     imaginearium the score NIGHTWISH

     tragic idol PARADISE LOST

     l'armée des ombres MASS HYSTERIA

     the story of the light STEVE VAI

     2012 LOUDNESS

     the lord of steel MANOWAR

     serpent sermon MARDUK

     honor found in decay NEUROSIS

     utilitarian NAPALM DEATH

     a map of our failures MY DYING BRIDE

     undead SIX FEET UNDER

     psalms for the dead CANDLEMASS

     carolus rex SABATON

     death sentence DUBLIN DEATH PATROL

     omerta ADRENALINE 'S MOB

     yellow and green BARONESS

     unsung heroes ENSIFERUM

     time i WINTERSUN

     silver thorn KAMELOT

     down IV DOWN

     spiritual genocide DESTRUCTION

     vanquish in vengeance INCANTATION

     fire and damnation EXUMER

     epicloud DEVIN TOWNSEND

     relapse MINISTRY

     spellbound YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

     enslaved SOULFLY

     bag of bone EUROPE

     weapons of choice THE CULT

     dark adrenaline LACUNA COIL

     raise your fist DORO

     helvetios ELUVEITIE

     born villain MARYLIN MANSON

     weather systems ANATHEMA:

     broken bones DOKKEN

     all that I was MARK TREMONTI

     riitiir ENSLAVED

     hara kiri SERJ TANKIAN

     at the gate of sethu NILE

     fatal feast MUNICIPAL WASTE

     the hunt GRAND MAGUS

     blessing curse BLESSING CURSE

     reign supreme DYING FETUS

     whitechapel WHITECHAPEL

     the aftermath BONDED BY BLOOD

     Caligula EX DEO

     formshifter ALLAGEAON

     monolith of inhumanity CATTLE DECAPITATION

     alpha noir MOONSPELL

     a girl called cerveza TANKARD

     requiem for the indifferent EPICA

    la futura ZZ TOP



    head down RIVAL SONS

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