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*sob*     dont read plz         ¿¿¿¿¿?

hi. it's morthie yk? it came back lmao and it want you, nemesis, to know ;))) :

i freaking love you and can't stop auto-hurting me bc of thinking it's my fault damn god


uh, it doesn't matter. i hope y stopped loving me pls do it- it's just my fault bc i'm so stupid and i always tell y i love u and it's not rlly clever to do but okkk

remove me from your list of ppl y love, please----

i just kinda feel like i'm hating u and i don't wanna hurt anymore.

i love you really really really really really really really much.

i will never stop even if i'm kinda don't like you sorry i feel pain and it's funny I HATW Y pls come here and hug me *sigh* that day will never come. y will hate me bfore :'(

sorry, i love you so much, can't understand how much.

i won't forget you </3

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    ciao sei stupida ti odio fai schifo nn t vuole nessuno vai a pu,ttane <3<3<3<33<3<3

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