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Orwell e fattoria degli animali in inglese ?

Riassunto breve vita di orwell e libro fattoria degli animali in inglese, grazie 

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    The life

    George Orwell is the pseudonym of Born Eric Blair.

    He was born in India in 1903, because he was the son of minor colonial official, but he was taken to England by his mother when he was a small child where he was sent to a preparatory boarding school on the Sussex coast, where he was distinguished among the other boys by his poverty and his intellectual brilliance.

    Orwell won scholarship to Eton's University where he stayed from 1917 to 1921.

    From 1922 to 1927 Orwell returned to Burma (India), to work as assistant district superintendent in the Indian Imperial Police. His first novel, Burmese Days, is inspired to his colonial experience.

    In 1928, he took the decisive step of resigning from the imperial police and became novelist and journalist. He went to report on the Civil War there and stayed to join the Republican militia.

    Orwell was a prolific book-reviewer, critic, political journalist and pamphleteer.

    In 1944 Orwell wrote Animal Farm, a political fable based on the story of the Russian Revolution under Joseph Stalin. This small masterpiece made him famous and financially secure.

    Orwell’s last book was Nineteen Eighty-four, he started writing it in 1946 when he was seriously ill with tubercolosis. He worked between bouts of hospitalization. The book was published in 1949 and soon became a best-seller. Orwell died the following year (1950) in a London hospital.

    Plot summary:

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    Riassunto breve  libro fattoria degli animali in inglese.

    This book is quite delightful, as is characterisation of Murr, who is a real cat.

    Murr, as a young cat, discovers his interest in books, reading, writing, and his lack of bookworms of his own age creates an enormous sense of intellectual righteousness in him. Quickly he looks down on other cat’s expressions as too vague, he looks down his furry cat nose at everybody that is not as well read as him. But, and here’s the important part, he’s a philistine. He does not wish to understand the books he reads, he does not wish to engage with them; his readings are not encounters with them, he’s merely taking note of their existence. Talking about books, these days, often turns out to be a question of taking sides, we no longer show any interest in engaging with thinking that we do not share, other people’s thoughts are just so much noise that is just an excuse for us to talk more loudly. Even highly literate people turn out not to parrot other people’s thoughts, but just their own prejudice. On the internet I have encountered people who have certainly read multiple books of history but have clearly not understood anything beyond that which fosters their own preconceptions. They will not learn, they will just acquire more books, and remember little except the bare bones facts.

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