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    Exercise 10

    Cross out the word that doesn't go with the verb.

    1. play


    a part

    karate <<<

    2. get


    single <<<


    3. miss

    someone who died

    the bus

    your wallet <<<

    4. have

    a tough time

    a baby

    pregnant <<<

    5. wear

    an umbrella <<<



    6. do

    a photo <<<


    the shopping

    7. make

    a dicovery

    a phone call

    the housework <<<

    Correct answers:

    1. karate

    2. single

    3. your wallet

    4. pregnant

    5. an umbrella

    6. a photo

    7. the housework


    Exercise 11

    Choose the best option.

    Rob (1) RETURNED home from work at 3.30 p.m. He (2) FELT terrible. He (3) HAD HAD an awful day. His wife, Sheila, (4) BROUGHT him a cup of tea and asked him what (5) WAS wrong. He (6) TOLD her that at the office that morning everyone was panicking. His boss, Martin, (7) HAD RECEIVED an email from Head Office – the news (8) WASN'T good. The email said that the company was having financial problems and needed to cut 200 jobs – that (9) MEANT that half of the staff would have to go. Martin then admitted that he (10) HAD KNOWN about this news for a few weeks, but he (11) HADN'T TOLD tell anyone. All the staff (12) WERE angry and upset. Martin said that they could all go home early. Rob (13) DIDN'T GO home straight away – he went for a drink with his colleagues so that they could talk about the news. Everyone was worried because they knew there (14) WEREN'T many other jobs around. After a few drinks, Rob caught the train home and (15) TOLD Sheila the bad news. 

    Correct answers:

    1. returned

    2. felt

    3. had had

    4. brought

    5. was

    6. told

    7. had received

    8. wasn't

    9. meant

    10. had known

    11. hadn't told

    12. were

    13. didn't go

    14. weren't

    15. told


    Exercise 12

    Choose the correct answer.

    1 We were really surprised WHEN he arrived unexpectedly.

    a) until

    b) when <<<

    c) as soon as

    2 The jacket was really expensive BUT I bought it anyway.

    a) so

    b) but <<<

    c) because

    3 I’m really hungry! Let’s go for dinner __________ the film finishes.

    a) as b) as soon as c) until

    4 Don’t eat that chocolate now. Wait UNTIL after lunch!

    a) until b) before c) when

    5 I’m very busy, but I’ll go shopping WHEN I have time.

    a) until

    b) when <<<

    c) before

    6 Could you phone your parents BEFORE dinner? You won’t have time after.

    a) before <<<

    b) after

    c) until

    7 Oh no! I forgot to feed the cat! I’ll do it WHEN we get home.

    a) as

    b) until

    c) when <<<

    8 We’re staying in a hotel UNTIL our new house is built.

    a) until <<<

    b) when

    c) before

    9 ALTHOUGH the manager was away, we still had the meeting.

    a) But

    b) So

    c) Although <<<

    Correct answers:

    1. when

    2. but

    3. as soon as

    4. until

    5. when

    6. before

    7. when

    8. until

    9. Although

    Warning: I'm sorry, but there are several mistakes in the other answer.

    Fonte/i: I'm an English teacher. 😉
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    Ingrandendo le immagini piccole si ingrandiscono le dimensioni dei singoli pixel, non il loro numero.

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    Esercizio 10 

    2) single

    3) your wallet

    4) pregnant

    5) an umbrella 

    6) the shopping

    7) the housework

    Esercizio 11

    2) felt

    3) had 

    4) had brought

    5) was

    6) told

    7) had received

    8) weren’t

    9) meant

    10) had known

    11) didn’t tell

    12) were

    13) didn’t go

    14) weren’t

    15) told


    2) but

    3) as soon as

    4) until

    5) when

    6) before

    7) as

    8) until

    9) although 

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