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Thegreenbudgie per favore mi puoi aiutare con la pronuncia in inglese di questo testo se puoi scrivere la pronuncia sopra le parole grazie?

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    Dovrebbe essere una cosa del genere: 

    The last 30 iars were the ottest in iurop for over ciù millennia. according to resent saientific riserc. 

    The world is warming ap more rapidli den klaimeit experts expectid. Wi ken si uorring risalts across the planet. raising témperaturs are cosing extrim and anusual uether: hit weivs, draut, faier end fluds. 

    In the Artic the ais is melting fast bicos the tèmperatur is ghetting tu ot. This is dangerus for the local pipol, the Inuit, and for local uaildlaif, bicos they dipend on the ais. Buildings are folling daun bicos the ais isent tic enaf. Polar bers are saffering the most bicos der is less ais to ant on so dei kent catc fud,

    The Oscar- winning film “de Revenant” is abaut a naintif senturi American fur trapper. A lot of the acciòn teiks pleis in winter. The produser plend to sciut the whol film in nordern Canada, niar the Artic sircol. This is iusali uan of the coldest plesis in Canada, with evi sno in winter. Bat they cudent film the ending der bicos it was tu warm. There wosen’t eni sno. Dei ed tu go to Argentina to faind sno. 

    Ostrelia is the second-draiest continent on ert. Bat warmer weder is incrising the risk of long draut and sever forest faiers, In 2016 faiers barnd across de Tasmanian forest wildeness erea, om tu sam of the reirest plants on ert, The faiers wer muving tu quickli end der wosent enaf rein to put dem aut. Dei wer the most serius tret to dis reinforest in its istori. Der wer tu meni faiers end not enaf woter. 

    Mor fluding is de gritest risk for de iukei from claimeit ceing, In the winter of tuentififtin- tuentisixtin rivers barst deir banks bicos der was tu mac rein. Gheilfors winds sent iug ueivs crascing into costal tauns. Storms flodid sixtitausand oms in Ingland. The evist reinfol wos in Scotland. 

    Claimeit experts worn of more worming in de iars aed, Most saientists fink a global claimeit ceing polisi is de best wei to avoid de worst effects of claimeit ceing 

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