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Devo scrivere in inglese cosa so del Grand Canyon e perchè è a rischio. 10 punti alla risposta migliore. é per domani



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    The Grand Canyon is a unique natural wonder—one of the world’s deepest and widest canyons, home to spectacular views, great biological diversity, and a unique geologic record.

    4.2 million people visit Grand Canyon National Park every year, making it the second most visited park in the National Park System, and the most visited park west of the Mississippi.

    Tourism to Grand Canyon National Park contributes $686 million to Northern Arizona’s economy every year, supporting nearly 12,000 jobs.

    The Colorado River, which provides drinking water for 25 million people downstream, runs through the Grand Canyon and draws water from the area’s springs and streams.

    After several decades of reduced activity due to depressed prices, uranium mining is making a comeback—including on the edges of one of our nation’s most treasured wild places, the Grand Canyon. Uranium mining has left a toxic trail across the West—including at the Grand Canyon itself. To protect this national treasure, and the millions of people who visit it each year, mining should be prohibited on land near Grand Canyon National Park, and other treasured places. Uranium mining is risky for miners, local residents and the environment. Mines can release uranium itself—a dangerous radioactive substance—or toxic chemicals used in the mining process.

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