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Ei ragazzi mi servirebbero 10 regole in inglese da rispettare in classe. Sarebbe meglio se ci sia must, un imperativo e il can! Grazie mille?

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    You have to listen to the teacher

    You must not use your cell phone

    You can go to the toilet if you need

    You're not allowed to copy during a test

    Don't speak with your partner!

    Smoking is forbidden inside school

    You should take notes when the teacher is explaining

    Be careful!

    You need to arrive on time.

    Keep the classroom clean!

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    1. You can ask questions

    2. You must respect and listen to the teacher

    3. You must raise your hand to speak

    4. Be quiet when the teacher is talking

    5. Respect others’ property

    6. Don’t ever cheat!

    7. Be on time

    8. You can share your knowledge with your classmates

    9. You must use equipment properly

    10.Help keep the classroom tidy

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